The bespoke tailored denim by Paul Kruize

Paul Kruize is a dutch bespoke tailor specializing in jeans. He likes to keep things simple and small. Just one man, one machine, making one pair of jeans at a time. Cut and sewn exclusively for the individual client. It’s all about quality in fabric, design, technique and – without a doubt – fit. Be it after a visit to his studio or through mail contact, every commission starts with a conversation between Paul and his client. The patterns are hand drafted from the client’s individual measurements and style choices. Hence the perfect fit.

We met Paul Kruize who set up his studio at Bluezone, in Munich, to show the process of a bespoke pair of jeans being made from start to finish. From hand drafting the pattern through the cutting of the selvedge fabric to the actual sewing of the jeans. Some signature details to be found on a pair of Paul Kruize jeans are 100% single needle lockstitch construction, hand felled seams, one piece selvedge fly and hand sewn buttonholes.

Paul takes a minimalistic approach to making jeans. All details are there for a reason, not for decoration. One could say that ‘form follows function’. Paul believes that jeans should look as good on the inside as they do on the outside.


For his BLUEZONE studio, the Italian Candiani Denim kindly supported Paul Kruize, making this set up an all-European project. Visitors got an insight into the meticulous 20-hour process that results in a perfect fitting pair of jeans.


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