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Are you ready for A Naked Safari?? Let me tell you that you’d better be!
This  2015 collection by Tom Van Der Borght is gonna make you travel around the world naked as a jaybird on LSD!

Taking inspiration from  over-saturated vintage movies about naturism, Tom Van Der Borght twists the typical explorer outfit bringing his characteristic unconventional and playful style.
The look of his unisex range made us blink a couple of time at the last Premium trade show! Imagine how all these bright colors stood out in the middle of so many « all black » collections!  Ethnic inspired prints, colorblock piecings, unexpected volumes and crazy accessories… all refreshing!
And this is not only about amazing outfits, go have a closer look at the garments and see how Tom managed to blend industrial techniques such as digital knits and tradition handicraft!

Do not miss these weird guys at the « Who’s Next » in Paris this week-end 😉

Tom Van Der Borght


TOM_VDB_2014_A_Naked_Safari-9022  TOM_VDB_2014_A_Naked_Safa-3353 TOM_VDB_2014_A_Naked_Safari-4031 TOM_VDB_2014_A_Naked_Safari-1431