I knoooow that Paris Fashion week was two weeks ago and I knoooow that it’s too late to even mention it with such a delay.

But hey, I’ve got a full-time denim designer job and full-time mother responsibilities with my two little monsters! However, I really wanted to highlight the following amazing brands I met at the Capsule Paris tradeshow!

So be kind and please read the following. Maintenant!




An Australian CEO, a Japanese craftsman and a French designer… for a worldwide, upmarket and connoisseur target. Aizome1 Envirodenim has a strange and unpronounceable name, but a great concept:

  • Every single step of the collection creation is sustainable, ethical and natural.
  • The design and making is like luxury jewellery. Every garment is a masterpiece. From the pattern to the fabric, from the embroidered indigo pearls, to the amazing fabric cut.

Enough from me for the moment, watch this!

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_DSC0251 _DSC0249_DSC0243



A small but great range of psychedelic luxury scarves !

Founded and designed in Turkey by Tugba Kuzdere.

Handmade and 100% pure silk ! Check them out !


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If you are a denim professional, you almost probably have spotted Angel at the major denim tradeshows. With his all black but funky 70’s look and his very cool attitude. BUT, have you seen his work ?

A great & happy mix of Denim and colourful details, inspired by Jackson Pollock, the hippie movement, and – well, and this is only my point of view – Miss Fran. He pays attention to the slightest little detail (lining, piecing, ankle zip which enables you to turn your skinny fit into a flare fit, and so on…)

Designed in the East London’s back streets, made with Italian and Japanese fabrics, you will love his 2 collections « Summer of love – Chapter I » and « Summer of love – Chapter 2 ».

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Mr Nok Nok Radio




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Well… this fine project is an American denim brand, run by women. (just by reading the first sentence, when you know how masculine the denim business is, you can already shout out a « Wouhaou… »).

The concept is : « let’s buy real vintage denim or army garments, and customize them with paint, patches or embroideries. » The result looks totally amazing!

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The kids were fed up, covered in orange juice and chocolate after stuffing themselves with sweets given to them by all the kind exhibitors, so we were just about to leave when we met an old friend called « La Miette ».

He told us that we couldn’t possibly leave without seeing the « amazing Swedish brand » that he is taking care of on the French market.

So glad we stayed when we discovered the Kaibosh sunglasses collection.

And what a formidable Swedish design! For the first time in my life, I’ve found a whole collection that fits my face perfectly!

And at affordable prices!

Big crush on these double-sided sunglasses: Turn the sidepiece from back to front. Either you have green sunglasses, or you have brown sunglasses. Amazing ! Right ?

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Well ! That’s it folks! Now you know why I really couldn’t keep these brands to myself any longer…

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