Nadel & Pen : The Manifesto for Artisanal Luxury

Have you ever heard about Nadel & Pen, the french bespoke Denim service ?
It seems that Nadel & Pen not only sewing exclusive & collectible denim pants.
Since a few years Tilmann Wröbel the creative mind behind Nadel & Pen,
is also working on true handsewn denim art. We have attended their exhibition in Munich,
and this is what we saw :


A real and authentic manifesto for artisanal luxury. A straight forward look on what modern day communication devices have done to the once noble textile industry.


Showcased under crafted indigo kakemonos, and highlighted on indigo resined chunks of trees, NADEL & PEN exposed three of its Denim-Sculptures.

100% handmade in France, the three sculptures featured objects of mass-industrialisation, wrapped up in collectible selvage denim, turning these « out of service ».




A wrapped-up sewing machine named « Kill fast fashion » :

Emblem of the textile industry, the sewing machine refers to relocated and mechanized outsourcing.





A wrapped-up smartphone named « Silent dinner »

Who has never got their Smartphone out at the diner table? Who has never interrupted a dinne, a meeting, to quench their need for information ? The smartphone has become a true food for the mind , and for some, it has bexome a need as vital as water, oxygen, food. It has totally changed the idea of human relationships, the art of conversation and conviviallity. Nadel &Pen has decided that it was time… to silence it.



A wrapped-up Laptop named  « Made in France » :

The integral part of many businesses, the computer positions itself as the most indispensable object in our daily life. A tenuous ecosystem between private and professional life, It makes everything accessible and it even develops new pathologies : An unmanaged overload of information.





Conceal to better reveal

It’s thanks to the collectible Denim fabric that the magic works. In the case of this manifesto, all these everyday objects, once covered in Denim, are constituted as unattainable and totally inexploitable.

Denim : this popular material, historically rooted since the XVth Century. This unique fabric, worn by farmers and workers who, over time, will also be replaced by machines.

Produced without mechanical assistance, this exercise is a militant act aimed at denouncing the far too trivial vision of creation which prevails in the world of prêt-à-porter.

Nadel & Pen has become the champion of an endangered savoir-faire, embracing rare and outstanding materials.



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