« Don’t believe the Hype » – Our Top five crushes

Last Friday, we attended « Don’t Believe the Hype ».
Located in the middle of the Parisian « Premiere Classe » Tradeshow,
this young area brings back a level of freshness compared to the other areas of the show.


Here are our Top 5 favourites  :


• Bsbee’s  indigo pieces.
Incredible batik dyed denim and natural cotton, read more here !



• Macon & Lesquoy embroideries.
Modern & cool metallic embroideries with ancient technique.
_DSC0031 _DSC0037


• Wait’s 100% recyclable material.
Sunglasses made out of Wait’s deposited certificate 100% recyclable material.



•  Don’t Belive the Hype’s corner Display.
All the exhibitors had the same furniture : A simple but relevant All-in-one display made out of wood.
A rack & a table.


• And this fancy approach to warm socks in stilettos.
Important to note: The naked toe section….