On November 11th & 12th will be held something special.
A Denim trade show in Bangladesh….

So, now you think, how come the team from « Warriors of Desire » is talking about this ?
A show in Bangladesh, a country which is for sure an important sourcing destination, but a sourcing country which provides so many mixed feelings.
Well, a few years ago we got in contact with a very special man.
Mostafiz Uddin, one of the denim experts, if not « THE » denim guru in Bangladesh.
A very special and wise man, who will most probably feel now, that we should not talk about him…
but about his team, his projects, his partners.
Mostafiz is the kind of exceptional senior manager, who builds ten stories foundations underneath his factories so that they can resist against any kind of earthquake…
he protects his team, and showcases his partners.
Some time ago this man told us about a show he organizes with his friends, the BANGLADESH DENIM EXPO.
The very first denim tradeshow in Bangladesh , which puts ethical considerations in the center of the denim-business.
A show made by people who care about their people.

And this is most definitely something which matters to us.
Quite quickly the exhibitor list went up from the expected « 25 » to over 50 exhibitors coming from over 14 countries, which puts the show now into the category of the major international « denim-shows ».
Vicunha, Raymond-UCO, Atlantic Mills, Absolut Denim, Soorty, Laundry equipment form Tonello, Trims from YKK & chemicals from Dystar, Garmon…
are all teaming up with many excellent local mills, local laundries & manufacturers.

Bangladesh is already big in price-pointed denim.
And being one of the up and coming destinations for more upmarket quality denim-manufacturing,
we believe this destination & show is one to look out for.

Most probably your travel plans for the next months are already all set,
but we believe this show should be on your « to do list » for the next seasons !

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« Ecological & equal booth concept »


Equal rights at the « booth placement lottery »

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