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Posted on 15 juil 2014 in Cool stuff

  We kiss the indigo overload ! #VANS_66 #vintage #vandoren #indigo #authentic #anaheim...

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Why ?

Posted on 20 mai 2014 in Denim

When Cheap Monday crosses the frontier between Hype and Hopeless… right or wrong ? E.T.  High Rise fit + E.T. Wash with Patch shadow, parallel Whiskers, Permanganate Brush + River Island sandals + mouldy...

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Amsterdam Denim Week

Posted on 19 mai 2014 in Denim, Sélection

The world is full of « Fashion weeks », but a true...

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Posted on 13 mai 2014 in Denim, Sélection

As you must have noticed these last months, the whole denim world seams totally...

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The Monsieur-T. studio for Lee Cooper / Made to make

Posted on 15 avr 2014 in Denim, Sélection

Harry & Pearl, Two names, two genders, two fits, two iconic styles. The...

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Kaporal, c’est raté pour cette fois !

Posted on 6 mar 2014 in Denim

Voilà ce qui arrive à Kaporal, la marque Franco-Française de Marseille, qui...

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Japan Best : Love at first sight !

Posted on 4 mar 2014 in Cool stuff

To « Made in Japan » lovers, and everybody else...

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Let’s go green by wearing blue

Posted on 4 mar 2014 in Denim, Sélection

Last week end the Warriors of Desire team popped up at « Don’t...

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« Don’t believe the Hype » – Our Top five crushes

Posted on 4 mar 2014 in Fashion

Last Friday, we attended « Don’t Believe the...

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So, who’s next ?

Posted on 28 jan 2014 in Fashion

I must admit that, for a few seasons,  I’ve been sulking the Who’s...

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Do you have the « Muffin Top » complex ?

Posted on 27 jan 2014 in Denim

What about some lovely silicone cupcake molds in the shape of Denim pants ? A...

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